In 2013, 148 people died from workplace fires in the United States (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). Each year, thousands of people receive injuries from an estimated 80,000 business fires. You never know when a fire can happen and it’s important to have an effective fire plan to protect your property and workers. You can have the best fire protection equipment including high-quality hoses, reels, and extinguishers, but you need more. Here is helpful information on forming a good fire plan for your company

Get the Right Info

When was the last time you checked the fire codes in your city or municipality? You must have the latest info on fire codes, and laws and the best source for this are your local fire department or fire officials. They can tell you about changes in regulations and fire protection equipment.

Evacuation Plan

Does everyone in your company know what to do for an evacuation? unless everyone acts properly during a fire, widespread panic could set in. This can cause injuries and major catastrophes. You must develop an effective plan and include those with special needs or problems speaking English. Once the plan is complete, everyone needs access to it and the chance to discuss your plan and ask questions. This is why you should schedule regular meetings on the subject so you can update everyone on changes.

Enforce “No Parking” Rules

Your people should understand the importance of leaving fire lanes clear. This sometimes takes strict enforcement of the rules to get the message across.


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